We are basically two, but depending on the task, we can be many more. We are well connected with professionals from all departments of the photography and video industry. We are Captif, an Austrian based photo, video & production collective.

Stefan Mayerhofer
Photo & Production
+43 676 4446554‬

Florian Schwarz
Video & Production
+43 660 2544435


Quartier Studio Linz
Freistädter Str. 40
4040 Linz

Range of services:

  • Full production
    (project management, script & storyboard, casting, model booking, location scouting, makeup & styling, audio production, ...)
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Post-production
  • Studio & equipment rental

Clients & Partners:

Andares, Asamer, Bernstein Innovation, Diva-E, Fredmansky, Haberkorn, Intersport Deutschland, Intersport International, Jungbrunnen, Lunik2, Oberösterreich Tourismus, Ortner Schinko, PMDM, Pulpmedia, Reichl & Partner, Runtastic Results, Sparkasse MW, TMP, Vegini

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